Revenue Cycle Management


How much money is  your company losing due to unreimbursed claims?  Claims that were denied because they were not billed on a timely manner, not billed properly or just forgotten about and simply never sent? That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars is lost annually due to medical billing errors. Is your office among those offices that are only receiving 70% of the available medical billing revenue due to them?

Argosy Group, Inc has designed a state of the art billing and reimbursement solution that takes the guess work out of managing all aspects of your revenue cycle management.   Providing a seamless solution that makes sure that every dollar you earned is received.   Whether your company needs consulting on how to fix the problems you currently have, audits to make sure you are compliaint with all regulations or if you want to outsource your billing to be handled by our professionals.  We have the solution for you.


Argosy Group ambassadors have been working in the billing and reimbursement field for over 30 years and have experienced all the changes that have occurred over the years. Our team is Skilled in finding the errors and omissions that are causing you to lose revenue which is due.


Argosy Group has partnered with with some of the best companies in business.  We have national experience in all aspects of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims.   We will sign on to your exsiting billing solution and  work  your claims for you or provide you with our EMR Solution RTRX.    Our team is comprised of ACPE certified specialists and have  received specialized training with the consistent goal of claiming every dollar you have earned.

Our solutions include:  Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Electronic Claims Submission, Medical Billing Consulting, Medical Coding Audits, Staff & Provider Training, Physician Credentialing, HIPAA Consulting, Complete Follow-up Functions, and Patient Invoicing.

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Medicial Groups and practices

Argosy Group,  recognizes the importance of maintaining the highest level of efficiency in your practice. Our revenue cycle mangement solutions offers the flexibility and automation you need to improve your operations and the quality of care you provide your patients.

Designed to operate seamlessly with all major Practice Management and EMR solutions, our revenue Cycle Management solutions are very comprehensive. Built-in tools provide easy reporting and functionality that allows for efficent claim processing and management.

  • Easily schedule processing
  • Insurance & Authorization Management
  • Financial & Organizational Reporting

Our Billing Services provide a critical service to medical providers.  Operating efficiently is essential to giving your clients great customer service.  You ensure that revenue streams are managed and payments are efficiently collected.  Argosy Groups RCM enables you to effectively manage your accounts with tools, software and support.

  • Comprehensive charting capabilities
  • Built-in integrity checks
  • Flexible clinical documentation
  • Customized workflows for each member of your staff
  • Provider dashboards
  • Physicians can review a patient’s record, plan treatment, process orders, track patient progress and create task lists.
  • Scan prior paper-based charts into the patient record
  • Multiple payers can be associated with each patient record
  • Tracking of authorized visits and dollar amount limits
  • Auto-posting of insurance remittance payment
  • Built in “collection worksheet” to track collection effort
  • Collection follow-up notes can be “attached” to specific claims
  • Document history & physical, diagnoses, allergies and medications

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