Live Call Team

Contact Center

Inbound Call Center

Direct your inbound calls to Argosy, and you’re guaranteed high-end service at a low-end price.

Entrusting your customer service in someone aside from your company is not an easy task. But, when you don’t have the time or the resources to handle it on your own, sometimes it’s the only option. Our expertly trained agents make sure there is no lapse in service between your company and ours. We’re capable of handling any size project, at any given time, all at the highest caliber.

Outbound Call Center

We’ll take your replenishment goals and make them a reality.

Argosy Group has  100 seat capacity outbound call center that is equipped to handle all of your replenishment needs, no matter the size or scope of the job.

Health Insurance Billing Call Center

Superior outsourced health insurance solutions for any scope.

We have the bandwidth to execute all of your insurance call center campaigns to their fullest potential

Overflow Protection

We understand that help desk calls fluctuate.  Prepare for peaks in seasonality by outsourcing your inbound call center overflows to Argosy . Our contact center capacity can support your business at any given time.

Our new 7000 square foot call center is capable of handling your call volume. The overflow protection system allows you to direct an abundance of phone calls to our highly experienced and well-versed agents, where we’ll assist the customer in their needs.

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