Accreditation Preparation

Policy and Procedure Manual Development

With Argosy Group  customized policy and procedure manuals are produced for you rather than having someone in your organization build them from scratch.  Our  manual provides ready-to-implement policies, procedures and forms.  Completely cross-referenced to accrediting body that you choose as well as all the other appropriate Federal standards, it allows you to stay current with latest regulatory requirements!

Argosy Group’s  manual provides administrative, operational and patient-centered policies and procedures, saving your company the time, money and effort in policy development.  Argosy Group manuals meet the accrediting bodies standards and by asking the appropriate questions we can customize your manual specifically to your company right down to the Company Logo. Some of the key compliance areas covered in the Policy and Procedure Manual include:

  • Patient Rights – Advance Directives, Informed Decision Making, Confidentiality, Consents,  Grievance, Conflicts
  • Provision of Care – Certification and Plan of Treatment, Patient Education,  Patient Safety Policies, Home Acuity
  • Prevention and Control of Infection – Infection Control Plan, Hand Hygiene, TB, Employee Health
  • PI Plan and Performance Measures, Sentinel Events
  • Leadership – Plan, Governance, Building Evaluations, Contracted Services, Budget
  • EOC – Safety, Home Hazard Analysis Checklist
  • HR – Job Descriptions, Evaluations and Skills Competencies, Criminal Background Checks, Recruitment/Retention
  • Information Management – Plan, Confidentiality of Medical Record, Unacceptable Abbreviations

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Mock Survey

Don’t wait till the real auditors knock on your door to prepare…. Argosy has a staff of certified auditors that will “mock” survey your organization, giving you time to fix the issues before the real thing happens.

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